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I am very satisfied with this company. They were so honest and fast. They immediately checked my garage door soon as they have arrived and made recommendations like replacing just the parts that are worn out and not the entire garage door so I can save on cost. This is unlike the previous company that my sister-in-law hired. They told her to buy a new garage door because it cannot be repaired anymore only to find out later that they only wanted to sell her a new one. They also taught me how to maintain it to avoid the same problem again. They were also highly reliable because when I came back from grocery shopping, they were already finished and the work was perfect. I’m a happy client.

Robert Jeter

Our garage door was opening and closing without someone operating it and it made us uncomfortable, thinking that any time, an intruder can come in without us noticing. I immediately searched for garage door repair companies online and stumbled upon this company. I told them about my problem and they went to my home immediately. They presented me their company IDs and the job order stating my name and other details I provided them. They started working after I have approved of the cost. I felt so relaxed watching them because they moved fast and with skills. They came complete with tools that their work was continuous. They also explained to me the problem. I noticed that they talk with courtesy. I felt at peace having them around.

Erica Cha

After countless hours of checking the Internet to make sure that I get to hire only the professional garage door repair company, I finally found this company. I compared the estimated cost of the repair that it provided from the others that I earlier called and I was happy to discover that theirs was reasonable. Of course, I was in doubt at first. But when I checked reviews online, all of my doubts were gone as I saw positive customer reviews. I called again to request them to see my garage door. In only a few minutes, they were right on the door step. They made a comprehensive check and told me that my garage door already required replacement. At first, I was hesitant because I was not sure if they were only trying to sell me a new one, but they explained to me everything – including the cost-effectiveness of getting a new garage door.

Dawn Thomas

What makes me a loyal client of this company? Their customer support is excellent; they answer all of my inquiries and they attend to my needs the soonest possible time. Their workers come in proper uniform and with IDs for proper identification. They present the job order each time I call them for garage door repair (for my own home, my relatives, neighbors and friends). Their people talk with respect and they are honest. They tell us what the problem is and what the best solution is. They never take advantage of our zero knowledge in garage doors. They also work fast. More important, their rates are reasonable. Thus, you can expect me to call them each time I know of someone who needs their help.

Thomas Davis

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