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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair the garage door?

It will depend on the problem of your garage door, but our workers will tell you the estimated time of finish after careful evaluation of the condition of the garage door and identification of the solution appropriate to address the problem.

Do you offer emergency repair service?

We understand that the security of your home and your entire family is at risk when your garage door is broken. Emergency or not, we will send our team to your home soon as we receive your call because your safety is our goal.

What separates you from other companies?

Our employees are well-trained not only in the job they do, but also in the way they treat our clients – with respect and honesty. They provide service quote prior to the service to ensure that clients agree with the cost to avoid misunderstanding. They answer inquiries and leave homes clean.

Is it required that I stay home while you work?

You should be home to give us the details of the garage door problem, approve the service cost and pay the initial deposit – before we perform the job. You may leave us and just come back in time to check our work. No worries because we are all trustworthy.

Is company ID enough for me to identify your employees?

Aside from the company ID, please ask for professional certification as well as job order soon as they arrive. They should be in proper uniform (you should see our logo) and carry the tools to perform their work. If in case you are in doubt, you may call us first for verification.

Are your staff licensed and well-trained?

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality service thus we make sure that our workers are all licensed and that they received and continue to receive training to see to it that their knowledge are updated with the latest techniques and technologies in garage door repair.

In case I am not satisfied, is follow-up possible?

Yes, you can request for a follow-up in case you are not satisfied with the work of our employees. You can indicate it in the form that you will fill out after the job is done. You have nothing to worry because we will not charge additional fee for this.

Can you help me choose a new garage door?

If we deem it necessary to replace your old garage door, we will assist you in finding the best garage door for you. We will base our recommendations on your house’s design, colors, structure and, of course, budget. We can offer you payment plans as well.

Can I be the one to perform the maintenance job?

You can do the maintenance work as long as you have the basic knowledge. If not, you can call us to do it for you. For major repairs, it is just but right to call the experts to make sure that the problem will be properly addressed.

What are your payment terms?

We will give you the estimated cost. If you agree with it, you can settle the initial deposit that is equivalent to 50% of the total cost. After the work is done, you can pay the remaining 50%. If you already a regular client, we can offer you discount.

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